Become a Complete Shooter!

Learn the best techniques to make more shots
and become an elite scorer.

Gain skills and knowledge to
take your game to a new level

Drills, plays and game theory
that gets your head in the game

Teamwork and being a good
sportsman can make you play stronger

Featured on ABC4 Utah

We had the chance to sit down with Nicea DeGering at ABC4 to talk about how our program helps players become confident shooters. Our owner and founder, Kirk Miles, explains our training method, program setup, and the benefits that come from being a part of Complete Shooter. Watch the video to hear the full interview.

Coach Miles coaching players


Our Mission is to teach our players the mental and physical skills they need to succeed in the game of basketball.

Our players learn that hard work and focused learning leads to success in basketball and in life.

We teach our players that hard work combined with our private instruction will lead to increased confidence and more results.