About Us

Our shooting and dribbling drills were developed and evolved over years of experience, from putting together a summer workout for our children, of which 5 of them played varsity high school basketball, one of which now plays on the collegiate level.

The developer has coached over 2,000 ball games in many competition leagues and tournaments as well as on the high school level.

We focus on four different ways to score: attacking the basket, foul shooting, mid range, and three's

What sets Complete Shooter apart from other trainers?

  • Private and semi private lessons
  • Weekly shooting form adjustment and muscle memory system
  • Weekly accountability to coaching staff

We train all over Utah, our training up to date includes 38 high schools.

We now have over 200 kids that train with us on a weekly basis.

Complete Shooter has a 95% retention rate of the kids we train.

All of our trainers have many years of basketball playing experience and training experience.

Where performance is measured, performance improves.

  • We track every shot taken and send weekly stats to players and parents.
  • With the stats tracked, we are able to do a weekly top ten where the kids can win monetary awards.
  • We hold semi-annual recognition nights where kids are recognized for their improvements over a six month period.
  • We keep every students record scores of every shooting drill, therefore we recognize record breakers as well.