Shooting Lessons

We work on the four ways to score in a basketball game. In over the 2500 ball games I've coached I've noticed most kids are only one dimensional with their shooting, even at the high school level. Because of that we work on four different ways to score.

  1. Lay-ups - We designed a drill called 10 angle lay-ups which helps kids attack the basket from 10 different angles. We ensure the kids are using the correct hand and are going off of the correct foot. As the kids get good at this, it gives the kids a tremendous amount of confidence at attacking the basket in a game.
  2. Foul shots - Foul shooting has become a lost art, all you have to do is watch an NBA game and see how many poor foul shooters there are. We've developed a foul shooting system that is second to none. Anyone who follows our system with practice will get to where they are shooting 85-90% at the foul line. This system has improved pro, college, and high school players' foul shooting percentages. We want the kids at Complete Shooter to be the kids on a team to shoot the technical fouls when called upon and to be the kid at the end of a tight game with the ball, because the coach knows they will put in their free throws. Free throws are a big deal, free throws win ball games. My son Jake who has used our system his whole life, in his senior year of high school, shot 205 foul shots throughout the season and made 193 of them. His percentage was 93.7. He only missed 12 of his free throws all season long. Which also put him in the Utah state record book. This system combined with practice is the formula for 90 plus percent foul shooting. Our practice plan is 100 foul shots for 100 days (not 100 straight day) =10,000 foul shots. We give out a t-shirt for anyone who completes the 10,000 free throws in 100 days. Which is a big deal in Complete Shooter. Between our system and practice kids become the best foul shooters on their teams.
  3. Mid-range game is the third way of scoring in a game which includes: dribble drive pull up jumpers, step backs, floaters, and coming off screens. The mid-range game is anything that happens inside the three point line. The mid-range game is non-existent in high school basketball. So if kids get good at the mid-range game, it gives them a huge advantage.
  4. The three point shot is the fourth way of scoring in a game. We have many different three point shooting drills that we put the kids through, from spot up three's to moving three's. These systems are designed to help kids develop the confidence to knock down threes in a game.

These are the four ways of scoring in a game and this is why we called our company Complete Shooter, because we want all kids who come through our system to be complete shooters.

If you were to prioritize what the most important ways to practice are in basketball, it would be in this order:

  1. Individual workouts are the most important thing a player can do to improve their game.
  2. Playing one on one
  3. Playing two on two
  4. Playing three on three
  5. Then playing five on five- Most kids only play five on five, but the problem with this is they don't touch the ball enough while playing five on five to put their practice in to play.

We preach that hard work is the key to greatness, you can beat anyone at anything by working hard. You can beat 90% of the people at anything you do with hard work, the other 10% you beat by having a system that you believe in. At Complete Shooter we provide the system that you can believe in. At Complete Shooter we have a 90/10 relationship, 90% you, because you put in the hard work and 10% us, because we provide the expertise and the system. Therefore when you succeed you get 90% of the credit and Complete Shooter gets the other 10%.