I have really enjoyed working with coach Miles. His expertise and shooting system is helping me a great deal with my confidence and consistency as a shooter. The workouts are very beneficial and it's been a joy working with him.

Charles Abouo - BYU Athlete, European Professional

The techniques and shooting systems that Complete Shooter has developed helped me to build confidence in all areas of my game! For instance I was a 57 % foul shooter so at the end of the game I wouldn't attack the basket because I didn't want to shoot a foul shot, I was afraid I would miss at the line and cost my team the game. The Complete Shooters foul shooting system change that for me!!! They helped become a 80% foul shooter!!! So now I attack the basket at all points of the game. I would recommend Complete Shooter to anyone that is serious about the game!!!

Kyle Colinsworth - BYU point guard, Dallas Maverik D League


The techniques and shooting systems that Complete Shooter has developed helped me to build confidence in all areas of my game. Coach Miles is the best I've worked with as far as shooting form, foul shooting, and the mental aspect of the game. I would recommend Complete Shooter to anyone that is serious about the game.

Kyle Collinsworth - BYU/Dallas Maverick Point Guard

Before I worked with the Complete Shooter team I thought my shot was complete, my numbers were good, I felt I had the complete shot but I in fact didn't reach my full potential until I started working with Coach Miles and Complete Shooter, they found and helped me fix the small things that really improved my shot as well as other aspects of my game, and made my percentages skyrocket! I recommend every player work with the Complete Shooter team if they are serious about improving their game and pursuing a future in basketball!

Brendon Morris - Weber State Shooting Guard

High School

Before my son met Kirk Miles and started working with Kirk and doing his shooting drills on a regular basis he had never been the leading scorer on any of his teams. During his junior year in high school he averaged 1.2 points per game playing varsity. After working with Kirk and employing his shooting techniques my son became one of the high scorers on his varsity high school team. I have had three boys work with Kirk and they all love working with him and have gained confidence and have improved in their technique. He loves to see them succeed as much as their parents.

David Nielson -


My son has already improved and is encouraged to do is workouts daily even after only one lesson. The Complete Shooter Academy is a great local connection to great techniques and coaches. The positive attitude that is given to the kids is something than can apply to any sport or skill they will use in life.

The Woolsey Family -

We were at the end of a championship game for a tournament and It was close. Our 9 yr old son was fouled twice in a row and both situations were 1 in 1. He took his time and did the exact routine he's been learning at complete shooter and drained them all to help the team win. Night and day difference from his Willy nilly free throw style before he started working with Complete shooter. The system works!

Landon Taylor - father of Jackson Taylor

One of my friends referred me to complete shooter for my 10 year old son who had always been a solid shooter but started to lack confidence in his games and seemed ready to give up. From day one working out with Stan my son has looked forward to his weekly shooting lessons. I learned a ton just listening. I wish I had learned all of this when I was young! These guys are amazing with kids, they are very patient and understanding if your child is having a bad day and just needs some words of encouragement. I would recommend anyone looking for some excellent basketball coaching to look into the Complete Shooter program, these guys know their stuff!!!

Bret Packham -

Complete Shooter have been working with my daughter for a little over 4 months. Her confidence was shaky when it came to shooting the ball. Kirk and his team worked with her in a positive and approachable manner. The self confidence she gained in her ability to shoot was more than I imagined. Her form as well as her overall technique improved. She has learned to love the game and have fun again rather than worrying if she is going to make the shot.

Tara Rees - Mother

My son has been going to Complete Shooter for about 7 years. We started with him from the beginning of his establishment. Kirk is not only knowledgeable in teaching shooting skills, he also works on the student in establishing a good work ethic and helping them believe in their abilities. He has taught my son how to be a good person, in and out of the gym. He sees the big picture when it comes to the student in the real world, teaching them to be good people. His staff are friendly, courteous and professional. We feel the program has been very beneficial for our son.

Schlise Sanders -

The Complete Shooter program has enabled our grandson to become an excellent shooter and a confident basketball player. We appreciate not only Coach Miles' basketball expertise, but also his work in building lifetime confidence and self-esteem. Coach Miles provides targeted basketball expertise, great role modles, and a positive enviroment for todays' youth.

The Greenwood Family - Father of Collin

I have been so impressed with Kirk Miles and the complete shooter program. The program encourages our daughter to practice many hours each week and she loves the challenging shooting workouts and the percentages that are kept to show how much she is improving. My daughter's form has drastically improved and she was one of the top five scorers on her varsity team this year as a sophomore. The coaches really care about my daughter as an individual and their continual praise has really helped build her confidence. The program has not only tremendously helped her on her basketball shooting skills but the confidence she has gained will prepare her for many aspects of her life.

Hiedie Galbraith - parent of Brook Lynn

My son Henry is 12 years old and has been shooting with Complete Shooter for about 5 months. Henry has developed quite a bit more confidence as he has discovered what makes his shot work and what causes it to miss. He has gained an understanding of the mechanics of his shot. Kirk and the trainers at Complete Shooter are great teachers. They are calm and patient as they make adjustments to his form. There is an awesome points system that really keeps Henry motivated to focus at every session. He receives immediate feedback after each lesson. He knows where his strengths are and where he needs to improve. Most of all, he looks forward to going each week. I wish we had known about Kirk and Complete Shooter a few years earlier.

Tatiana Ihrig - Mother to Henry


I love the Complete Shooter program. I can't believe the improvement I have seen in my players as well as my own kids. I love the terminology used by the coaches and the attention to details they require. The coaches have a great balance of pushing players to work hard and improve but do so in such a positive manner. It's such a great program for beginners as well as high level players.

Trent Porter - Coach and Father

Since enrolling my daughter in the Complete Shooter she has significantly improved her shooting. I like the instruction that has been given. She enjoys going each week with the mindset to beat her score from the previous week. Kirk and his instructors do a great job.